“Learn to Love Fiber Arts!” March Break Kids Camps 2016

Dates: Monday March 14 to Friday March 18- 10:00am to12:00pm daily
Price: $27+HST per day per student OR $125+HST for the week
Ages: 6 and up- Considerations may be made for younger students!
All materials included each day
8 student maximum per day

Pom Pom Art
Monday March 14, 2016

In this class we will use fun colours of yarns to make endless amounts of pom poms! What will we do with these pom poms? Just about anything! String them as necklaces, attach them to headbands, make pom pom animals... you name it! We will come out of this class with quite a few fun completed projects!

Beginner Weaving
Tuesday March 15, 2016

In this class we will use yarn and unconventional items such as straws, popsicle sticks, or cardboard to make our own weaving looms and create some fun projects such as bookmarks, bracelets, headbands and more!

Spool Knitting
Wednesday March 16, 2016

In this class we will be making our very own knitting spools and then learning how to knit on them as well as what we can make with the finished product! The kids will be able to bring home their knitting spools and yarns to continue working at home. In the class we will make necklaces, headbands,bracelets and more!

Dye Yarn- With Kool-Aid!
Thursday March 17, 2016

In this class we will learn the amazing art of felting using both the needle felting and wet felting techniques- don’t worry; it is perfectly safe for kids of all ages! During this time we allow the kids to make whatever they can dream up and everyone’s end result is always different. This class is very hands on, interactive and fun and is definitely our most popular kid’s class!

Learn to Knit!
Friday March 18, 2016

In this class we will use the yarn dyed from the previous day to create beginner knit projects such as bracelets, headbands, purses and whatever we can dream up! We will start with learning to knit from the basics and learn how to recognize and fix mistakes! Materials will be provided for those not attending the dying workshop the day before.

Please call Stix and Stones at 705-223-8245 to register for any or all of these classes! Only a paid seat is a reserved seat as our kids camps fill up quickly!