World Wide Knit in Public day!

Saturday June 2, 2012 is world wide knit in public day! At least the North Bay chapter :) Join the North Bay Hand Knitter's Guild as they take over the downtown farmer's market from 8am to 1pm and across the street in the plaza in front of city hall from 10am to 1pm! Alternate location in case of rain is in the North Bay Public Library. Bring your own chairs and snacks and of course, your knitting!! It's a fun family event and all ages and skill levels are welcome to come and knit! Let's shed even more light to this fantastic craft we all love so much! 

In celebration of Knit in Public day, we have a coupon!! Print it off and use it all day Saturday June 2, 2012 until 5:30pm!!

If it's nice outside then I will sit in the front of my store and knit. I meet many interesting people that way. If it's not nice... well I'll do my part by knitting in public in the warmth of my store! But I do plan to hang out with the Farmer's Market crew for awhile before heading over here to open at 10:00am on Saturday. Come and join us or stop by to say hello! 

Enjoy your weekend and happy knitting!

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