Summer knitting!

Ok, I hear this all the time "I don't knit in the summer!" Why is that? People try and tell me because it's too hot outside... well.... don't knit in the blazing sun! Most of us have air conditioning or some sort of equivalent to keep us cool while working on our little projects. I think of summer as the best time to knit and yes I am the crazy sitting on the beach knitting, no big deal. Here's why: You can work on projects for Fall and Winter and by the time the season rolls around, your projects will be ready to wear and enjoy! There are some incredible patterns for Spring and Summer tops and accessories done out of lightweight fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, rayon, viscose and bamboo most of which provide a silky and drapey fabric- perfect for hot summer days. Here's a few little projects to peak your summer knitting interest...

Cotton tank top and mohair shrug
DK Cotton summer Shrug

Kayla Shrug with Pima Cotton sport

Americo Egyptian Cotton lace
Classic Elite Firefly- Linen and Viscose

Americo Linen Cordon- Linen, cotton, silk.

My summer hat! Knit with the Magic loop technique.

Best way to knit in the round! No dpn's needed!

The funky beret style- lightweight and lovely.(Outside)
The lace makes this hat reversible! (Inside)

Classic Elite Classic Silk- Cotton, Silk and nylon in 5 colours- $12 per ball, 1 ball for a hat!
Inspired yet? No? Well, I can't wait to show you all this AMAZING short sleeved/short rowed sweater I am just finishing up now! I will block it this weekend and post it next week! You will LOVE it!

Happy knitting!

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