Where have I been and what have I been up to?!

Greetings bloggerland followers. WOW! Has it ever been a busy couple of weeks up here in the North! We are having fantastic summer weather (knock on wood it stays) and I have been working hard on quite a few new projects! Let me walk you through the various adventures of the past few weeks that I have embarked on....

This past weekend we had the wonderful and always hilarious Yarn Harlot- Stephanie Pearl McPhee up for a lecture and a class! We had an incredible time and cannot wait to have her back again in the near future! 
A captivated audience of 35!
Who then took over the lounge at Cecils- confusing the bartenders very much

A class with Steph on speed knitting!
Bosom buddies and friendly faces!

We had an awesome time! There were students that drove up from near and far- near being Sudbury, far being Rochester- just to hear Stephanie speak and to attend the class on speed knitting the next day. We had many laughs, learned lots and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves amongst fellow friendly knitters! And everyone, for the most part, was very well behaved!

And before all that......

I went camping for the first time ever! Yes... born and raised in Northern Ontario and I have never been camping before. Unless you count the KOA campground in Sault Ste Marie.... where we rented a cabin and walked for 30 seconds to reach the toilets and showers. No my friends... this was the real way of roughing it. Fire ban, no lake, no bug spray, blackfly season and a smelly puppy that was more than happy to run through the mud in the beaver pond. He had just gone to the pet spa for a bath a mere 4 days before. What do they say, if you can't beat em'....

Fiddle-heads growing through the pond
Cuzco playing in the beaver pond

Cuzzy found a toy! And lots of mud...
The work of the Beavers, a massive dam!

A day in the life of a Beaver!

Our Campsite- Cuz and his daddy playing in the bush!

All in all a busy and eventful couple of weeks. After our course and lecture with Stephanie- actually during- Stix and Stones had a booth at the Ontario Rughooker Guild's annual meeting, a fantastic event! I know next to nothing about rughooking, but what I do know is that it is fiber, textiles and art combined in to one which, in my world, is an unbeatable combination. We saw a huge array of gorgeous pieces and it inspired me to use some different textiles in my own work. Stay tuned so I can show you what I have come up with. I have been working on many different projects lately and will be posting more about them in the next week. I can't overload you all with too much information today! The brain won't be able to handle it! 

As always... happy knitting my friends!

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