Crazy for Cozy Cowls!

I'm sorry to say it my friends but winter is right around the corner! Mind you the spring time weather doesn't seem to be leaving us with the urge to cozy up in front of the fire with some tea and knitting but the cold and snow is right around the corner, best to get prepared now! What is this season's hottest fashion trend? COWLS! And lots of 'em! Check out some of our funky knits and in store samples below. Most of our in store samples are my own personal designs and the pattern is free with the purchase of the yarn. Cowls are always a quick knit great for cold winter days and an AWESOME Christmas gift idea! Check out to purchase patterns and for even more ideas!

Lodge cowl- free pattern from
Mustard foldover cowl- free with yarn purchase

Wear it doubled or single, one skein
Fluffy bunnies cowl- free with yarn purchase

Winter Bliss- purchase from
Northridge cowl- pattern free with purcahse

Rasta cowl- pattern free with purchase
Sandra cowl- pattern free with purchase

Westminster cowl- pattern free with purchase

Bad movie cowl- pattern free with purcahse
Bad movie cowl single= awesome

Boboli cowl- pattern free with purcahse
Boboli cowl doubled

Nanuk cowl- from nanuk and voyage berroco booklet

Creative genius cowl- purchase at
Mistical cowl- pattern free with purchase

Wild vines cowl- pattern free with purchase

Inspired yet? Most of these cowls can be worn multiple ways- single, doubled, hooded... the possibilities are nearly endless! Come in to the store and check out even MORE samples- try them on and give it a whirl! Cowls NEVER disappoint!

Happy knitting.


Sock Yarn LOVE!

We all have a love for knit socks. We don't all necessarily love knitting socks but we love the finished product right? Some people can't get enough of knitting socks, then there are me, that HATE the process. Why? I'm not sure- perhaps there is something about taking an incredibly beautiful hand dyed skein of gorgeous yarn in a beautiful colour and putting it on your feet that just irks me. But I do love wearing my hand knit socks especially when the weather starts to turn a little chilly, it's the perfect thing to just warm you right up!

But what else can we do with sock yarn besides just knitting socks? Well let me inspire you to some new projects! 

One thing I personally LOVE to knit with sock yarn is sweaters. 3 -100gm skeins works for most sizes and will do a nice size drapey front 3/4 sleeve sweater. Check out which sweaters I've knit- all patterns available for purchase at

Equador from ravelry- 3 skeins sock yarn
Vitamin D from ravelry- 3 skeins sock yarn
Whispy from ravelry- 3 skeins sock yarn
tempest from knitty- 2 skeins blue face 2/8

 More projects for sock weight yarns include: 1 and 2 skein shawls, 1 skein hats, fingerless gloves, cowls, scarves and of course SOCKS! Check out a few more of out in store samples below for some KNITspiration!

Fairview- 1 skein TFA red label- $34.00

Semele- purchase pattern from ravely- 1 skein sock yarn
Semele close up

Ysabell from ravelry- 2 skeins sock yarn
Ysabell back

Basic socks- 1 skein sock yarn

Wasabi pattern from ravelry being attacked by kitty
Wasbi with a basic sock

Jaali purchase pattern from ravelry
Jaali close up- 2 skeins sock yarn

Ana hat- purchase pattern from
Ana- 1 skein sock yarn

Rock Island shawl purchase pattern from ravelry
rock island- 2 skeins sock yarn

Criss Cross- free pattern with yarn purchase
Criss cross- 1 skein sock yarn

seven circle free from ravelry- 1 skein sock yarn
Inspired yet? No? Well let me show you the awesomeness that is sock yarn by showing you all that is available in sock weight which happens to be our HUGEST section in the store! 

Zenitude local hand dyer- $26.00
Purple label cashmere- $28.00

Shalimar Breathless- $30.00
Cashmere silk merino blend

Blue label sock- $22.00
Cobasi- cotton bamboo silk- $7.00
Red label cashmere- $34.00

Red label colours

zauberball sock- $21.00

Little can of paint sock kit- $25.00
Pattern included

Solemate- $26.00
Chepherd sock- $25.00

dye-version bamboo sock $23.00

Squishy with great elastic for arch support!
great colours and so soft!

NEW! Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20- $32.00

Solids- merino cashmere and nylon


Variegated dyed exclusively for Stix and Stones

400yds per skein!

One of a kind colours!

Shelridge Farms fingering- $12.50 each- 2 for a pair of socks!
I hope you all feel inspired- next time you're down and around be sure and check out our extensive sock yarn collection! Great for gift ideas for any knitter- or whip up a project for a non knitter! Sock yarns range from 50gm skeins at $7.00 each to 100gm skeins at $34.00 each. Whatever your taste, whatever your budget there is a sock yarn project and pattern for you! And if you are knitting socks for a loved one this fall/winter season.... why not give them a little something extra? Try Soak's foot cream- lather on the cream, pull on the wool socks and let the heat preform the magic. You'll wake up with the softest heels ever! Or give them a bottle of Canadian made soak to wash their socks and any other delicate items with!

Soak- 4 scents $16.00 each

Heel cream- $10.00
Heel- 3 scents