Wild Vines Cowl

I hope that you are all gearing up for Christmas! It's only 6 sleeps away! And only 6 sleeps away until my birthday too! So if you're looking for a very last minute Christmas gift to whip up, here is a fantastic idea! It's wild, it's unique, it's BRAND NEW so hardly any one else has it and.... the kicker... it only takes 45 minutes to knit on 20mm needles and one skein of yarn! Check it out and remember out of towners, free shipping for all of December, I can get it to you in two days MAX! (Depending on location of course.)
Wild Vines!

Little vines are in the yarn!
Add some neutral or crazy buttons!
A wide wild colour selection!

 A great quick knit to whip up on Christmas eve and throw under the tree! I can't wait to make one for me! Happy Holidays my friends and happy knitting!

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