Hooded cowl, Funky knit.

Accessories are all the rage this season especially when it comes to hooded cowls! It's so fun to knit something that is quick, easy and mindless and even more fun when there are tons of different ways to wear your knits! Check out this cowl for some knitspiration. 

This is my newly finished Boboli hooded cowl. This project uses two skeins of Berroco Boboli and a 5.5mm needle. This project is worked in the round with a moebius twist to make it funky and versatile.
Hood it.

Cowl it.
Hang it.

Shawl it.
Tie it.

All with a simple lace stitch.
 "Each shade of Boboli is composed of an enchanting mix of shifting colors. A glimmering wool blend boasting a subtle shine and soft hand, this yarn lends cool-weather projects an air of sophisticated originality."

Boboli is a blend of Wool, Acrylic and Viscose is an absolute dream to knit with. The silky sections add some sheen and the wool provides all the warmth you need! We have a wide selection of 9 colourways in stock- there is something for everyone and the colours do all the talking!


  1. I love this. Sounds like a must have.

  2. Do you have a link to this pattern and it's cost.

  3. You can download the pattern for free from knitomatic.

    I would love to know which colour of Boboli this is. I think all Boboli is gorgeous, but many of the colourways have pink and purple in them, which aren't my colours to wear. I made a shawl (not this pattern) for a friend out of Boboli and it was so nice to work with, and so warm. I would like to some day make this cowl for me. Haven't seen this colour of Boboli before