The bad movie cowl!

The little designer in me has struck again! This past weekend I had a good friend come up to visit me in North Bay. She had never been to either of my stores before and was incredibly inspired by the colours, textures and fibers that she found in here. All night on Saturday, we stayed up watching movies and I taught her how to knit! With some help from my two kitties and a very VERY bad movie, came the bad movie cowl! It can be knit in the span of just one bad movie! The colour combination's are infinite using Americo's Merino Copito. I chose 3 different colours but you might choose one solid colour, or make up your own wacky combination! 20mm needles made this project crazy fast and incredibly versatile! Check it out!

Big squishy cowl!

Pull it down like a poncho!
Wear it like a hood!

The colour possibilities are endless and next monday we will have even more colours after our trip to Americo! Here's a few that we put together, see what else you might come up with!

Cool jewel


This is a very easy pattern and clearly very quick as well! The pattern comes free with the yarn which is just $45 for all 3 skeins! Isn't that a fantastic Christmas gift knit?! Check out Americo's website for even more colour options that will be in stock Monday! Enjoy and happy knitting!

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  1. Good afternoon,

    Can you please tell how many stitches is this cowl?

    Thank you.