I finished knitting my Shalom cardigan (a free pattern found HERE
) on Friday last week- I started it on Tuesday after having ripped it out once on monday. This is one of those fantastic universal sweaters that is a super quick knit and looks fantastic in a variety of yarns, colours and is great for every body type! I decided to knit mine out of Araucania's Patagonia yarn (4 skeins for all sizes!) and for being a 100% pima cotton, it may be one of the most luxurious things I have ever made! It's too soft! So Saturday morning.... I put my lovely Shalom up on the mannequin and stared at it for awhile.... and then it stared at me for awhile..... and then we both stared at each other for awhile..... then I got up, walked over to it and ripped it apart to the droopy floppy armholes! Now I have no idea what it was about these armholes- perhaps the combination of being 5 foot 1 and busty with drooping armholes just didn't seem a good fit for me. I haven't read that other people have changed the pattern at all but just in case you run in to the same problem I did, here are the changes I made..... the third time's the charm right! Visit me tomorrow for the finished sample!

Row 45: K29, bind off 34, k43, bind off 34, k29
Row 46: (begin body) k5, p to first armhole, cast on 10 stitches, p to second armhole, cast on 10 stitches, p14, k5.

This really is a great sweater and the changes have worked out incredibly well- being knit from the top down you get to try on the sweater as
you go!

There is a HUGE colour selection for this yarn and it also works with Americo's Organic Cotton as well as multiple wool and alpaca blend yarns. On 7mm needles you might consider this for your next quick knit in a few days sweater project! 


  1. The link to the pattern didn't work. Could you repost please? This is a beautiful sweater!

  2. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/shalom-cardigan try here that's where I found it.