New for 2011: Trendsetter Flamenco!

New Arrival for 2011: Trendsetter Flamenco!
A lot of people have been waiting for the arrival of Katia's Ondas yarn which is similar to the Frill Seeker from Estelle and I am still waiting on the yarn to arrive at our distributor. In the mean time, I have sourced an exciting  new yarn from Trendsetter Yarns in Los Angeles - Flamenco!

Developed by Barry Klein, Trendsetter Flamenco creates crazy ruffles similar to that of the Ondas and Frill Seeker but even better in my opinion.

One ball will do a whole funky scarf! The 'Waterlily' colourway is shown below.   

I invite you to stop by our store to view this exciting new yarn from Barry Klein of Trendsetter Yarns. We ship worldwide and you can order using a Credit Card by calling our store at 705-223-8245.

Also, I have decided to extend our BOXING WEEK SALE  until this Friday January 7, 2011 at 5:00 pm. Select yarns from Berroco, Fleece Artist, Classic Elite, Herwool, Trendsetter, Naturally, Noro, Sweaterkits and more are up to 50% off! Come check it out before 5pm this Friday!

Take care and happy knitting!

Ms. Rae Brenne.
Stix & Stones.
North Bay, Ontario.

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  1. What wonderful news!! Really cute ruffles and can we match it up with some fabulous sale yarn?