Trendsetter Yarns at Stix & Stones: Cha Cha, Venus, Tapestry & Bolero!

Trendsetter Yarns come to us from Los Angeles, California, under the creative direction of Barry Klein who works directly with yarn mills to create some of the most fascinating textured yarns you will ever see.

Today I am highlighting four great qualities from the Trendsetter Yarn collection. We invite you to visit Stix & Stones in North Bay to view our selection from this great company.

Trendsetter Cha Cha: a unique frilly and fabulous ribbon yarn which works up into unbelieveable textures. The perfect quick-knit for creating accessories for yourself or as a gift.

Barry Klein's yarns and patterns are featured every season in major knitting and crochet magazines, including the 2010 Holiday Gifts Issue by Interweave Press. 

This great issue features this fabulous ruffled scarf pattern worked in Trendsetter Cha Cha designed by Barry Klein.

Use Cha Cha on it’s own or combine with other yarns as an accent including frills, spirals and ruffles.

Trendsetter Cha Cha is available in these 14 great colours and put up in a 65 yard ~ 100g skein.

Barry Klein provides this great information video featuring Cha Cha to show you how to prepare and work with this unique ribbon yarn.

As with all Trendsetter Yarns, pattern support by Barry Klein and Feyla Reiss shows all these yarns to their full potential.

Trendsetter Tapestry: a one-of-a-kind yarn featuring a woven ribbon with metallic threads, and purposely frayed along the edges to permit the strands of the fibres to drape and flow, creating a lovely effect, perfect for accessories like scarves, wraps and ponchos.

Tapestry is put up in 50g balls with 38 yards. You can create a simple neck scarf from one ball on size 15mm needles.

Trensetter Venus is a multi-stranded yarn where various colour cordinated yarn textures are linked at random to produce a patchwork effect to the knit fabric.

Venus is put up in a 200 yard ~ 100g skein.

Venus works up into charming self striping scarves and how cute is this Venus Teddy Bear designed by Barry Klein!

Trendsetter Bolero is a thick+thin roving style yarn bound with a fine thread for stability.

Bolero features subtle colour variations and creates a soft to the touch knit fabric.

Trendsetter Bolero is put up in 60 yard ~ 100g balls.

Trendsetter Bolero is the perfect yarn for garments and accessories, especially for our northern climate! Fabulous for a quick-knit cardigan or full length coat with a soft feel and wonderful drape.

I invite to you to visit our retail store in North Bay to view our collection of Trendsetter Yarns and we are happy to provide mail-order service world-wide using Canada Post.

For further inquiries or to place an order, contact us at 1-705-223-8245.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ms. Rae Brenne
Stix & Stones

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